Making the choice to leave your car at home in favor of taking the bus to your destinations has many benefits. Two of the most significant benefits are that it can save you money as you won’t have to refuel as often, and you can reduce your impact on the environment. Bus travel also provides easier access to a whole new world of new businesses and destinations you may have not considered before. 

If you so decide to ditch car travel, make sure you check out these businesses on your adventures where you can make eco friendly choices whilst saving money ….

Dogobees Eco Hairdressers

Dogobees is an independent hairdressers in York that stands out from the rest as it’s the city’s first sustainable and vegan friendly salon. Here they are educated to bring eco friendly with many products you’d usually find in a salon substituted for a more sustained version. For example products such as hair foils are swapped out for paper versions. Dogobees also work hard to reduce the amount of water waste they produce. Getting your hair done here is a great way to help the planet whilst making yourself feel good! And if you’re not living in York you can hop on the bus and get there in no time. If you’re coming from Pocklington, the bus only takes 40 mins! 


Found in York is Fruitique, a greengrocer trying to make a difference. Their aim is to provide local people with locally sourced and fresh produce. Locally sourced produce reduces carbon emissions from transport and allows you to support local growers! They also focus on reducing packaging consumption by using less packaging. You can also reduce your carbon impact by hopping on the bus when you go visit! 

The Refill Jar

For more grocery and essentials shopping you can head on over to the Refill Jar in Beverly. This family run business stocks a wide range of plastic-free, sustainable and affordable food and non-food products. Everything you need can be found on their shelves, ranging down cupboard essentials and snacks, to cleaning supplies and gifts. You can also save even more money and help the planet by hopping on the bus when you visit the Refill Jar instead of filling your car and driving. 

Near and Fair 

Only 13 minutes away by bus in Hull you can find Near and Fair. They are an independent fair trade and ethical gift shop. Not only do they sell ethically sourced gifts, you can also find groceries, accessories and fashion items. If you’re looking for a fun and unique gift for your loved ones you can browse their wide collection of items ranging from coconut bowls and drums to mosaics masks and wood carvings. Near and Fair is definitely worth the visit so make sure you pop in the next time you’re shopping around Hull. 

Images- @nearnfair, @therefilljar