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Please check out our recommendations ranging from big to niche happenings. Please be aware this a selection of what’s on in Leeds not a definitive event list...

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Dungeon Lates

Wed 20th November | 9.48pm
York Dungeon is always a fun day out for all ages, but turn to night and their Dungeon Late sessions are adult-only, and not for the faint hearted.

York’s First Photographs

Wed 20th November | 9.48pm
It’s the final week to see the excellent exhibition of York’s first photographs in Museum Gardens, dating back to 1844.

Northern Lights

Wed 20th November | 9.48pm
This spectacular projection of light and sound is on show for one week to the end of October at the glorious Minster.

Testing At The National Railway Museum

Wed 20th November | 9.48pm
Enter a world of experimentation, prototyping and testing and discover how these techniques help engineers and scientists find the answers. 

35th JORVIK Viking Festival

Wed 20th November | 9.48pm
Recognised as the largest event of its kind in Europe, the annual JORVIK Viking Festival is a city-wide celebration of York’s rich Norse heritage.

Rat Cafe

Wed 20th November | 9.48pm
Ever fancied cuddling a rat? Join the York Dungeon for an evening tea like no other; with some very furry guests making an appearance.

Vegan Supper Club

Wed 20th November | 9.48pm
Filmore and Union are excited to welcome in the start of February with our Vegan Supper Clubs!

Kaiser Chiefs: When All Is Quiet

Wed 20th November | 9.48pm
Kaiser Chiefs explore the boundaries between art and music in a unique and experimental exhibition.

The BFG In Pictures

Wed 20th November | 9.48pm
The BFG in Pictures is an exhibition of original Quentin Blake illustrations, prepared for Roald Dahl’s classic story The BFG.

A Personal Collection of Vivienne Westwood Shoes

Wed 20th November | 9.48pm
Explore the passion that shoes can inspire through this prized private collection of Vivienne Westwood shoes.
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