York is well known as a great place to drink in the character and history of its many traditional pubs. But in and amongst these famous ale houses are some equally cosy and more contemporary wine bars.

These five fine places are providing a different exceptional environment for a similarly excellent experience. Here’s our guide on where to find the best cosy wine bars in and around York.

2 Many Wines
Joining York’s amazing community of independents on Bishopthorpe Road towards the end of 2020, 2 Many Wines has quickly become a vital addition to the area. Set up by wine lovers Cyriaque Lajoinie and Beniamino Berluti, who between them have decades of experience in the industry, the French and Italian duo have channeled their interest and expertise into supplying York with the finest undiscovered wine. Having gained personal connections with several independent vineyards, they present them in a lovely little tasting room bar alongside their inviting shop. Enjoy the ambience within and take a bottle out afterwards for a wonderful wine evening.

Pairings is an independent wine bar on Castlegate which offers a lovely visit that is both relaxed and refined. So called because of their ability to pair your food and wine to each person’s palate, Pairings serve small plates and sharing boards of the best locally sourced produce which is matched with the finest wines. There are whites from the crisp to the complex and reds from the soft and spiced to the rich and powerful, plus sparkling specials, fruity roses and dessert wines. Or, to taste it all, sit back, let the table service bring you a flight of wines, and appreciate it.

The pretty village of Fulford just outside York’s centre is both rooted in rich history and evolving into thriving modernity. That is something which could also be said of the wine world, and Jorvine are marrying the two perfectly at their Fulford wine shop. Kris Cattaneo and Jess Hall took their passion for wine and transformed a former bike shop into this cosy den, opening Jorvine here towards the end of 2021. There is a welcoming little tasting lounge too that is tempting to hunker down in with a glass or bottle of your choice from their carefully selected range that suits all budgets and tastes. Timeless.

On the corner of Grape Lane is a wine bar that is almost hidden despite being in plain sight at a central bustling location. Sneaking up on us is a cute green exterior which leads to the comfy interior of Wilde’s. The downstairs bar puts you immediately at ease, and the unique little upstairs space is a homely quirk. The wine list here is soothingly simple, with five each of reds, whites and sparkling, all neatly selected and travelling countries and grapes (appropriately for its street name). Don’t walk by.

Oscar’s has been serving the people of York coming up to four decades, and there’s plenty of good reasons why it’s stood the test of time. A short move in this time expanded to their current Swinegate home, where they provide a social respite from the busy central streets outside. Inside is bricks and wood and comfort for everyone, with a crowd pleasing bistro menu and a nicely put together wine list with which to get cosy.

Images: Jorvine, 2 Many Wines, Pairings