There are some foods which deserve a shop all to themselves. Cheese, for example, or cakes. Or… cheesecakes! Yes, this universally loved dessert now has a store of its own in the centre of York, and it sure is doing the cheesecake justice. 

Opened this year by Matt Kaplan, his is the backstory of a man who can be trusted to make the finest and most authentic cheesecakes in town. Born in New York, Matt’s grandad owned Sherry’s on 110th and Broadway in the 1960s and 1970s. Despite the bakery not passing through to the next generation, the family recipe, passion and skill remained in the blood.

Whilst working as an aircraft painter in Florida, Matt baked a cheesecake for his colleagues which was so loved that he gained quite the reputation. At dinner parties and meet ups with friends and family, his cheesecakes were always invited, celebrated, and devoured.

After meeting his Leeds born wife and falling in love with York, the couple moved here in 2014. Soon after, York began falling in love too, with The Cheesecake Guy. Just like in America, Matt’s reputation grew from his home kitchen across the city, as word of mouth and social media learnt of these mouthwatering creations.

Now, demand has grown so much that Matt has moved out of his kitchen and into the Shambles. York’s most famous street is the ideal spot for tourists to discover The Cheesecake Guy, but moreover a perfect place for locals to call by regularly or order in that special treat.

Indeed, far from being restricted by one food type, there are an abundance of options here, and an array of ways to enjoy them. Pop in the shop for a quick bitesize snack or a cupcake slice. Take home a whole pie for a stunning shared desert.

Pick up a selection of flavours for an office treat that will impress your colleagues. Order in for that special occasion, whether for a standout birthday cheesecake or perhaps a unique wedding cheesecake. Whichever you choose (and why not all of them?!) The Cheesecake Guy offers online orders for collection or local delivery, as well, of course, as welcoming walk ins.

So, we’ve told you that The Cheesecake Guy is as good as it gets, and that the quality has spread organically through its neighbourhoods in both America and England. But why? What is it?

Well, unsurprisingly the recipe sticks to Matt’s New York roots, in no doubt that all the best cheesecakes are baked. And his authentic flavours such as vanilla, lemon and strawberry are unbeatable. But from these traditional foundations comes tasty innovation…

Amongst the many inventions are favourite sweet delights like salted caramel, and classic combinations such as white chocolate and raspberry, whilst there is also much modern magnificence. Chocolate bar toppings abound, including flakes, ferrero rochers and maltesers. Fruity fun comes in the form of mango, passionfruit and pumpkin. Or how about a maple bacon cheesecake?

There’s something for everyone, and if there are any strange folk out there who don’t like cheesecake, then Matt has brought a further taste of New York along by selling bagels and coffees here too. There’s every reason to make The Cheesecake Guy your favourite new local.