In the last decade, York’s food scene has been elevated by some talented chefs opening restaurants of the highest quality. At the forefront of this rise in fine dining was Neil Bentinck, an exceptional chef who opened Skosh here in 2016. His first ever restaurant brought together Neil’s personal background, cooking experience and culinary passion to create stunning small plates of contemporary British cuisine mixed with inventive international influences. Word soon got around and Skosh garnered a local foodie following, gained much praise from the national press, and continues to have a reputation as one of York’s very best places to eat.

Set inside a beautiful Grade II listed building, the atmosphere and service in Skosh has always matched the food which the restaurant serves; handsome and impressive yes, and in a relaxed and friendly environment which welcomes everybody in to enjoy what matters: good food and good people. The only problem with this cosy spot has been fitting everyone in who wants to experience the excellence – which is why Neil had been looking for ways to expand Skosh’s square footage, a seemingly impossible mission in such a space… until now, when problem solved!

In 2021, the neighbouring Mickelgate premises, formerly Coles Solicitors, became available, and Neil seemingly had his expansion solution. It has, however, taken until 2024 for Skosh to move in to number 96; their planning application took over a year to be approved and pushed back the restoration. Now, in March of this year, after a short closure whilst the work was completed, all has been revealed and the bigger version of Skosh is open.

Skosh v2.0 is very much in keeping with Skosh v1.0. Just like with their original site at number 98, the Grade II listed buildings are thoughtfully restored to create a sympathetic space suited for all. Indeed, the expansion not only puts more bums on seats, it has been designed to allow a more comfortable experience for diners and workers alike.

This means a proper bar area for front of house, a bigger kitchen for the team to grow, and a more spacious and flexible set up for customers, including new toilets, a private dining room and space for walk-ins. Trademarks such as the open kitchen, the relaxed refinement, and of course the fantastic food are all maintained – thankfully, Neil has ensured that everything we all love about his restaurant has evolved and enhanced. Here’s to more Skosh.

Images- @skoshyork