Asia is the largest continent on the planet – home to over 4.5 billion people, spanning across 17 million square miles, in a total of 49 different countries – so it’s no surprise that the cuisine is wide-reaching and diverse. From the subtle seasonality of Japanese dishes, to the complex cultural delights of China, right through to the vibrant flavours of Thai and Vietnamese dishes, it’s a continent rich with culinary delights, and we’re lucky enough to have access to these flavours right on our doorstep.

There’s never been a better time for Asian food in York, and we’re absolutely obsessed with the variety of incredible restaurants, kitchens, and bars that call our city home. Bringing together flavours from a whole host of international cuisines, there’s so much to explore and experience right here within the city walls. So next time you’re hungry for a culinary adventure, make sure to hit up one of these must-visit spots…

NaNa Noodle Bar

Tucked away in the heart of Shambles Market, this humble noodle bar may have easily passed you by, but you’ve been making a mistake! Delivering deliciously fresh dishes from across Asia, there’s enough on offer here to get everyone’s taste buds buzzing. From stir-fried Singapore chicken and pad thai, to steaming bowls of donburi and crispy popcorn chicken, all the food here is cooked to order, freshly crafted by the talented street-food chefs behind the counter, and at under £10 a dish, you’ll be getting an absolute steal!

Ippuku Tea House

Taking a modern but authentic approach to Japanese cuisine, Ippuku Tea House is a cosy hideaway on Blake Street, offering the perfect environment to settle down for teas, cakes, and a whole heap of delicious food. Whether you find yourself sitting in the warmth of the tea house, or lounging out in the sunny garden, you can always rely on this spot for a relaxing afternoon away from the busy York streets. Behind the counter you’ll find all kinds of culinary creations, with a smattering of matcha-green bakes and strawberry shortcakes, ready to be paired with one of the many refreshing teas from Ippuku’s expansive list. The food menu is even more enticing, including incredible donburi, small plates, and some fantastic set dishes for around £12-13, each coming with steamed rice, pickles, miso soup, and a vegetable side!


High up on the seventh floor of the Malmaison hotel, you’ll find the pan-Asian bar and kitchen of Sora serving up their creative selection of sushi, robatayaki and small plates. While slightly on the costlier end of this list, Sora is definitely worth its price tag, with its rooftop bar and terrace offering great views of the city, as well as live music and DJs providing the perfect soundtrack to this exciting culinary experience. Combining traditional sushi classics with the subtle smokiness of the robatayaki grilled black cod and deliciously sticky pork belly, Sora is the perfect city-centre escape, so grab yourself one of the innovative signature cocktails and settle in for the ride.

Yuzu Street Food

Big, bold flavours are firmly on the menu at Yuzu Street Food, which operates out of Brew York’s taproom in the city centre. And what better way to enjoy a cold beer than with some masterfully crafted fusion street food, taking inspiration from right across the continent to deliver fluffy bao buns, sticky rice bowls, and steaming bowls of katsu curry. With most of their larger plates sitting at around the £10 mark, Yuzu is a great spot to tuck into some great food without hurting your wallet.


This family-run Korean BBQ restaurant is all about authentic, homemade dishes in a friendly, welcoming environment. Featuring the excitement of the traditional Korean BBQ grill, you can experience the joys of grilling your own choice of succulent meats, seafood, and vegetables to perfection. With a wide range of speciality dishes also on the menu, including sweet and spicy Bibimbap rice dishes, and heartwarming bowls of steaming Korean stews, there’s an endless amount of flavours to try here.

Coto Kitchen

Sitting above the busy cobbles of Swinegate, Coto Kitchen offers a modern take on the punchy and aromatic flavours of Vietnamese cuisine from its small but sleek home. Run by a family team, Coto is always a welcoming environment, and you’ll always be welcomed with a smile, whether you find yourself on the cosy tables indoors, or sat out on the al fresco tables during the height of summer. Dive into refreshing bowls of Pho, creamy curries, or plates piled high with fresh noodles and stir fries, accompanied by a refreshing drink or two.


Situated in the heart of the city centre on Grape Street, this Thai Tapas bar is the perfect place to share some delicious Asian cuisine around a table full of friends. Revolutionizing the Thai dining experience here in York, Phranakhon boasts an expansive menu filled with exciting dishes and small plates from right across Thailand, including plenty of veggie and vegan options. Explore the enticing list of dishes and you’ll find crispy and succulent pork belly, spicy steamed mussels, and crunchy soy glazed chicken wings, as well as a vibrant array of sides and vegetable dishes, perfect for picking and choosing between while enjoying some great drinks and even better conversation.

Photos: Sora, Yuzu, Phranakhon, Nana Noodle Bar