Experience the exotic spices of authentic Kerala food at York’s Kalpakavadi. Located along Fossgate, this restaurant is a foodies paradise with vibrant dishes that will make your mouth water and flavours that leave you wanting more!

If you love spicy food and seek out new dishes to test out your spice tolerance, then you will love the spicy curries and dishes of Kerala. The spices and flavours you will encounter whilst enjoying one of Kalpakavadi’s tasty dishes will transport you across the world. You will feel as though you are dining in the actual state of Kerala. After eating here, no other Indian restaurant will be able to compare.

Kerala cuisine includes a mix of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes including spicy curries and biryani’s. There are also gluten-free and vegan meaning there are plenty of options for those with different dietary requirements. Their menu also clearly indicates dietary restrictions making their menu easy to navigate and reassuring for those with specific dietary needs.

Mouthwatering desserts can also be found on their menu with options such as payasam and halwa of different varieties. If you fancy something sweet after a spicy and vibrant dinner, make sure you try out their Kerala treats!

As well as delicious, flavoursome food, at Kalpakavadi you can also expect incredible customer service and a welcoming atmosphere. When you are served here you will be treated like royalty by their friendly and welcoming staff!

The dining experience at Kalpakavadi is out of this world and the authentic foods from the state of Kerala makes this a restaurant you need to check out next time you’re out for dinner in York!

Images- @kalpakavadi_york