Veganuary has once again returned, a concept that runs throughout the entirety of January where veganism is promoted and encouraged. People are motivated to follow a vegan lifestyle for 31 days, as well as starting the new year off with a healthy resolution. This 31 day challenge was originally set up back in 2014, with over 580,000 people signing up for the 2021 campaign, of which more than 825 new vegan products and menus were launched.

So as we’re working our way through the month, here are some of the best restaurants you need to try in York if you’re participating in Veganuary this year…

Dog’s Nose Taqueria – Based in Spark is York’s first 100% plant-based taqueria, as well as being naturally gluten free and made from scratch. This taco and burrito bar is perfect if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat but still want your taste buds to be wowed. Street food gone vegan, what’s not to like?

Los Moros – On Grape Lane is Los Moros, a Northern African restaurant who also have a stall set up in the Shambles Food Court. On their menu you can find a number of vegan small plates including falafel and batata hara, as well as big dishes including Los Moros shakshouka and butternut squash tajine. So if you’re looking for somewhere more elegant, Los Moros should be on your list this Veganuary. 

Skosh – Skosh on Micklegate is a contemporary small plates restaurant, specialising in uncomplicated yet refined dishes. Serving eclectic food in the form of snacks and small plates, this includes vegan and vegetarian options such as brussel sprout manchurian, char sui jerusalem artichokes or salt-baked celeriac. Yum. 

The Orchid – The Orchid on George Hudson St is a pure vegan restaurant combined with asian fusion. Embracing the vegan lifestyle, they aim to support animal welfare and avoid animal tested products all while keeping vegan cuisine tasty and attractive. With their menu boasting of delicious small dishes, special mains and appetising desserts, it’s the ideal spot to try during Veganuary. 

Doner Summer – If you’re looking for some true vegan junk food, Doner Summer is the place to be. Everything on the menu is completely vegan so no need to worry about having limited options. Serving up customised fried chick’n, loaded teller trays and delicious sides like garlic parm’zan tots, there’s plenty for you to choose from. 

Partisan – Cosy cafe and restaurant on Micklegate, Partisan, have a weekly changing menu as they like to work with local producers through the seasons. Other than their traditional dishes, vegan options are always available including their vegan partisan breakfast of scrambled tofu, tempeh, mushrooms, vine tomatoes, avocado, sourdough toast and more. It’s the perfect vegan brunch spot for you to visit. 


Images: Los Moros, Dogs Nose Taqueria, Skosh, Partisan