The UK has had a turbulent love affair with burgers over the years, second only to America. This simple yet seductive food dates back to the 19th century, when the story goes that a German immigrant in Texas slapped Hamburg meat in between bread, and thus created everlasting food love. 

The burger market has been dominated in recent decades by famous fast food chains and their addictive omnipresent offerings. But the desire for something a little more gourmet than McDonald’s and Burger King grew into an outpouring of dedicated burger joints, each cooking up their own familiar yet different versions of high quality buns. 

York joined in the new burger craze, and several super salivating specialists set up right here. The city has maintained a choice of big, juicy, appealing outlets, so we thought we’d share six of our favourites…

Sloppy’s is a street-food-inspired, gourmet-food-executed burger hangout in the independent centre of excellence, Spark. A brief menu of beef burgers with subtle variations allows Sloppy’s to perfect the classics, especially nailing the meat, which includes a 3 blend ratio of chuck, brisket and short rib, using the finest local produce. The proper chips aren’t half bad either. 

Gibson’s takes its influence from the land of the burger, the old US of A, and then shares their obsession and ramps it up to the modern world. There are other smokehouse specials on the menu, but the burgers stand strong on flame-grilled flavours and twice cooked chips, all scoffed down in buzzy surroundings of live  music and social vibes. 

Born to Lose ooze a punk attitude in their no rules approach to cooking, pairing anything that feels good together, regardless of tradition, to create burgers that taste supreme. But the anarchy ends there, as the care and execution is on point, much like the brewery in which they call home, Brew York; the perfect ale accompaniment to a spiced beef, chilli chicken, or teriyaki tofu burger. 

The Habit is a laid back cafe-bar that packs in plenty. There’s breakfasts and coffees by day, salads and veggie offerings, cozy vibes, live sessions, a rooftop terrace, strong spirit selections, and the piece de resistance, the charbroiled burgers. Go black and blue, pulled pork, or five bean, and it’s a surefire mix of relaxation and satisfaction. 

Burgsy’s is new on the York scene, and has quickly become famed for ‘the best burgers in York’. Well, you decide, but it’s certainly backing up the claim with some lip smacking patties. The menu goes all Wild West, but here the burgers are transformed into wholesome Yorkshire home cooked goodness, served with love and fries.