York’s food scene is as rich and vibrant as the city itself, with tastes from all over the world brought together in one place. But while there’s no shortage of restaurants, kitchens, and eateries serving up incredible food, sometimes you just need a delicious fix without having to empty your wallet. Luckily, eating out on a budget doesn’t mean you have to skimp on flair or flavour, with traders right across the city serving up great food for less than a £10 note. Check out our list below to find some of the local independents offering up some great value grub, whether it’s a stall in the Shambles, a quick bite for lunch, or just a great deal up for grabs.

Shambles Kitchen

With a solid reputation for delivering some of the best sandwiches in York, Shambles Kitchen is a must-try for locals and visitors alike. The menus here are adorned with a collection of creatively named sandwiches, filled to the brim with high-quality meaty fillings, with an emphasis placed on their smoked-in-house pulled pork and beef pastrami. It’s no surprise that somewhere slinging out sarnies this good has attracted attention from right across the country, featuring on list after list of great places to eat. All the sandwiches come in at under a tenner, and for the amount of food you get it’s an absolute steal, but be quick – once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Good Food Shop

You can always rely on the Good Food Shop to be stocked from head to toe with great deli fare and provisions, but you might not be aware just how good their lunch menu is. Operating out of their cosy store on Bishopthorpe Road, there’s a long list of sandwiches, salads, soups to choose from, and you’ll be hard-pressed not to find something to satisfy your cravings. Most of the food on offer here will set you back less than a fiver, leaving you feeling like you’ve just committed daylight robbery, but in fact it’s just a testament to Good Food Shop’s commitment to delivering the very best food to the people of York.

The Hairy Fig

Head down to Fossgate and you’ll find another incredible deli serving up some of the finest fodder that the city has to offer, with everything from gourmet meats and cheeses to the freshest fruit and vegetables. Take some time to explore the goodies in the shop before hitting up the café to sample some of the delicious pies, quiches, and sausage rolls on offer. Take a seat outside on one of the many tables lining the pavement, or grab yours to go – but whatever you do, make sure to check out the amazing work going on here to give us even more delicious deli treats!

The Taylor Made Kitchen

While their van in the Shambles Market may be small, the team behind The Taylor Made Kitchen are knocking out some big food for the people of York. Inspired by all things American, The Taylor Made Kitchen’s street food is centred around their deliciously stacked burgers, all for under the £10 mark, but you’d be remiss not to check out the loaded fries and sides. Make sure to keep an eye out for some of the creative specials on offer when you visit, as the menu has a habit of changing as the seasons pass, but rest assured that this place never misses the spot.

Rise Brunch Club

Local specialists in all things breakfast and brunch, Rise have built their reputation on good food and an even better atmosphere. Decked out in pastel pink and blue, it’s the perfect place to cosy up with some great brunch classics whether you’re just starting your day or recovering from the night before. While some of the bigger plates creep over the £10 mark, most of the food on offer falls well below our budget. From poached eggs and avocado on artisan sourdough to smoothie bowls filled with all kinds of delicious fruits, you’ll find the hardest part of visiting Rise Brunch Club is deciding just what to choose.

Yuzu Street Food

Based out of the famous Brew York Brewery, this street food sensation is one of the must-visits when it comes to cheap eats in the city. Yuzu Street Food was inspired by a trip to Asia in 2019 where the founders first experienced some of the amazing food from across the region. After returning home, they weren’t content with keeping their discoveries to themselves, instead opting to share their experimental cooking with the people of York, and we’re thankful they did. While most of the options here are slightly north of £10, they’re all pretty close to the mark and we couldn’t bear to miss them out. Be prepared to be blown away by the menu as Yuzu is all about big bold flavours, from Katsu to Ramen and Bao Buns to Wings.

Frango Eduardo

Born out of a love for simple Portuguese cuisine, Frango’s is all about sharing great food with great people, making it the perfect place to head out with all your mates. Using their skills to put a fresh spin on delicious dishes, the team here are giving us the perfect chance to experience some Portuguese sun without having to leave the city walls. The entire menu is up for grabs for under £10, and there’s a whole host of dishes to choose from, including delicious Piri Piri Chicken, Chargrilled Halloumi, and a wide selection of Petiscos – that’s snacks to you and me. Next time you find yourself in and around The Stonebow, head into their new home at Supersonic Cafe to sample some of their wares.

Photos: Yuzu Street Food, Shambles Kitchen, Taylor Made Kitchen, Frango Eduardo