Calling all baklava lovers in York! If you’re on the hunt for the best baklava in York, look no further! Here are some top spots to satisfy your sweet treat cravings…

Babtooma is well known and loved for its authentic Middle Eastern cuisine and the high quality dishes created using the best hand-picked ingredients. Their delicious baklava is no exception. Perfectly sweet and flaky, Babtooma’s baklava is a must-try for any baklava lover. Babtooma is the perfect spot to indulge in this classic treat, or try a classic with a twist. Not only can you feast on the classic baklava, you can also treat yourself to baklava ice cream and chocolate baklava.

Another great place to enjoy baklava in the heart of York is at Middle Feast. Known for its vibrant and flavourful authentic Lebanese cuisine, Middle Feast offers a delicious baklava that is sure to fulfill your baklava cravings. For only £3.95, you can indulge in the sweetness of their baklava served with honey and icing sugar.

Oleria Patisserie is a haven for baklava lovers in York. At the Oleria Patisserie they offer a variety of delicious treats mixing Greek and Middle Eastern flavours. Their baklavas are much loved by their customers and offer a delightful experience with every bite with a selection of mouth watering flavours available. Without a doubt Oleria’s baklava is one of their most popular sweet treats!

Adventure over to Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma Gate in the heart of the city to discover some delicious baklava at Trio Kitchen Bar. Kadayif can be found on their menu for only £6.95 and is a tasty treat you don’t want to miss out on! Kadayif is made up of diced walnuts wrapped in thin baklava pastry and soaked in syrup, which offers the customer a flavoursome, sweet crunch as they dig in.

Experience traditional Turkish and Mediterranean flavours at Kapadokya. When dining at Kapadokya you can dig into a wide selection of generously portioned authentic dishes such as baklava. Made with pistachios, honey syrups and nuts, Kapadokya’s delicious baklava can be enjoyed for only £7.50!

When strolling around Goodramgate, you’re likely to be drawn in by The Old York Tearooms impressive cake filled window. They sell a selection of treats including the tastiest baklava and baklava pistachio rolls- made fresh by their Turkish family. Make sure you’re quick as they only have a limited amount every day!

Images-  @babtooma_uk, @middlefeastyork