July is officially National Picnic Month for 2021, and everyone loves a good picnic. Whether you plan on going for one with your family, friends or partner, with 2 or 20 people, you need to find the perfect spot. So we’ve got you covered!

Summer has returned and the sun is shining once again, so make the most of this time (because it’s likely the sun won’t stay for long). A picnic can be as extravagant or as simple as you want, some like to make everything from scratch while others just want to buy some snacks and enjoy the time socialising, either is fun for anybody. Sometimes it can be difficult finding the perfect picnic spot or even a place that allows it, so with a little planning here’s the ideal spots for your picnics around York.

York Museum Gardens

Along the River Ouse in the centre of York, you’ll find the popular York Museum Gardens. Registered as botanical gardens, they require lots of maintenance, especially since summer has arrived and will see more visitors enjoying the grounds. If you fancy having a quick picnic in between shopping around the city, York Museum Gardens will make the perfect pit-stop for you. If you don’t fancy walking, you can catch the No.1 bus from York Train Station to the Museum Gardens, only a short 5 minute journey.

Rowntree Park

One of the most popular parks in York is Rowntree Park, located on Terry Avenue right along the river. This 20-acre park is only a short distance away from the city centre, which includes tennis courts, a skate park, basketball court and tennis tables, something to keep all the kids entertained. Finished off with their ornamental lake, Rowntree Park is the ideal location for a family picnic. To get your picnic started faster, jump on the No.11 bus at York Train Station down Bishopthorpe Road to reach Rowntree Park.

Shuttleworth Gardens

Taking a day trip to the seaside? A trip to Scarborough wouldn’t be complete without a picnic, so take a wander into Shuttleworth Gardens along the sea front. This ornamental, sensory garden is filled with fragrant plants and raised flower beds to help anyone who is blind. You’ll also find a miniature garden, also known as the Fairy Garden, and will be the most wonderful spot for a picnic.

River Ouse

For when you’re feeling more romantic and looking for a peaceful spot for your picnic, why not take a stroll along the River Ouse towards the Millennium Bridge and set up there. With the view of the river, lots of food and warm weather, it can’t get much more perfect than that.

Homestead Park

This 14-acre park was opened in 1904 and is home to a variety of wildlife you can see on their various tree-trail walks around the park. With it’s seasonal floral displays, medieval garden and wildflower meadow, you’ll be spoilt for choice on where to have your picnic! Catch the York Park and Ride towards Rawcliffe Bar from Station Avenue, then take a 9 minute walk to reach Homestead Park.

West Bank Park

Tranquil space in Acomb, York will be perfect for anyone wanting to keep away from the bustling city life and celebrate National Picnic Month with a peaceful picnic. This 20-acre park offers woodland trails, a rose garden and playgrounds, attracting many bird species and wildlife. Set up your blanket and basket in their meadow picnic area and watch the world go by. For only a small 10 minute journey, you might as well hop on the No.1 from the Rail Station onto Acomb Road for West Bank Park.

All over York and the districts you’ll be able to find wonderful parks, big or small, in a vibrant or peaceful setting. Celebrate National Picnic Month this July and make the most of Yorkshire’s beautiful landscapes we sometimes take for granted.


Images: West Bank Park, River Ouse, Museum Gardens