Spring Espresso 

Spring Espresso was established in the Autumn of 2011, beginning life on Fossgate. Prior to opening Spring, owners Steve and Tracey were formerly part of the Cafe2U franchise, selling coffee around the region from their bright red van. With a shared passion for coffee, and a want for a more static position, the pair put their heads together to create what is now considered one of the city’s finest coffee hotspots. After five years of growing success on Fossgate, the pair decided to open a second branch on Lendal, in the hopes that their new coffee shop will do for Lendal what the original branch helped do for Fossgate; and it has.

As with Fossgate, the arrival of Spring Espresso played a significant role in getting the wheel turning for more businesses to join Lendal, and the street has quickly become the place to be for food and drink. Spring have earned themselves a reputation for what many argue is the best coffee in York; and although having changed roasters a few times over the years, you can rest assured you will receive one of the finest cups of artisan coffee, and it’ll likely be served by award winning baristas.

21 Lendal, York YO1 8AQ

Appleton’s Butchers 

Just after settling in, Spring Espresso soon welcomed their new neighbours, Appleton’s Butchers in 2016. After ongoing success with Appleton’s original branches in Ripon and Wetherby, Owner Anthony Sterne took yet another leap of faith and expanded their business to the city of York. Although relatively new to York, the history of Appleton’s Butchers dates back to 1867 when nineteen-year-old Thomas Appleton began working for Smithson’s butchers in Ripon; when Mr Smithson died five years later, the business was handed over to Thomas and it soon became T Appleton & Son.

Tom Appleton’s original principals of serving the people of Ripon with only the finest selection of Yorkshire meats, in return served him well and his business continued to thrive. After recently celebrating 150 years of business, Appleton’s Butchers continues to show an unwavering commitment to good value to this day, selling a range of homemade pork pies, scotch eggs, pies, and quiches alongside their infamous range of Yorkshire meats.

19 Lendal, York YO1 8AQ


 Debbie’s Ice Cream

The ever-growing variety of businesses which Stonegate plays host to never fails to impress, and adding to that list is nostalgia cavern, Debbies Ice Cream. Owner Richard Tolson has created what many would describe as a treasure trove. Filled wall to wall with colourful confectionary, customers are invited to take their pick from over a hundred traditional brands of sweets, drinks and all other pocket money treats that come to mind. Alongside their own homemade confectionary, you won’t struggle to find old favourites including Mon Cheri, Niedergger, and many, many more. Alternatively, you can find out how all your favourites taste whipped up into their one of their homemade ice creams; rhubarb and custard, bubblegum, honeycomb, and even irn bru.

 14 Stonegate, York YO1 8AS


Ippuku Tea House

The brainchild of husband and wife team Frankie and Tatsu Ozaki, Ippuku Tea House was established in York in the Autumn of 2017, and over the years has proved to be the physical embodiment of the pairs’ shared knowledge and passion for authentic Japanese food, drink and culture, all within the cosy confinements of their modern came-come-bar. Designed to capture the spirit of traditional Japanese cafes and bars, Frankie and Tatsu have created an atmosphere and menu which they feel Japanese people of their generation would go out to eat.

At extremely reasonable prices, Ippuku’s menu offers a range of traditional large dishes of meat, fish, and vegetables, which are all served on an authentic Japanese tray alongside a bowl of miso soup, steamed sticky rice and sides of vegetables. Alternatively, you can try a little bit of everything from their choice of small plates and sides. And although remaining uniquely authentic to Japanese culture, Ippuku are no different to most York cafes when it comes to hot drinks and cakes; although here, you have the added option of trying one of their many Japanese matcha and tea options.

15 Blake St, York YO1 8QJ


Mannion & Co.

The Mannion family and their infamous greengrocers has occupied this spot on Blake Street for the previous 25 years, until 2011, which was when the business was handed over to their daughter and son in law who just so happened to be award-winning chef Andrew Burton. Andrew has vast experience working in some of Yorkshire’s most prestigious venues such as Swinton Park, Betty’s Cookery School, and more recently the Star Inn the Harome; and so, many punters have expected Mannion & Co to reflect the prestigious venues of his career.

However, he and the family have made the very wise decision to stick with the greengrocer’s traditional roots; creating a blend of French bakery, English country chic, and a continental deli, all of which has proved more than successfully judging by their endless complimentary feedback and ever-growing queues to be seated. The menu boasts an extensive list of hearty and wholesome sandwiches, and there is a comprehensive list of delicious-sounding specials; smoked salmon and eggs; grilled mackerel; seasonal salads; Boudin noir and fried eggs; prawns and vermicelli noodles… the list goes on. And on. 

1 Blake St, York YO1 8QJ





Wild & Westbrooke 

One of Lendal’s most recent newcomers, Wild & Westbrooke is the epitome of a family-run business. Run day to day by mother and daughter Tanya and Laura, the third owner of the business is Laura’s partner Ollie, who works full-time as an RAF firefighter but can be found in the shop between deployments. The family’s involvement with the textile industry spans back for many, many generations and homage to this can be found throughout the shop, a favourite to Tanya and Laura being their Singer sewing machine, which originally belonged to Laura’s grandmother.

After many months of planning, the team at Wild & Westbrooke finally found their ideal location on Lendal, and their shop was soon opened in 2018 in in their favourite city and hometown, York. Here, they specialise in British Heritage fashion; taking inspiration from living in the countryside, their entire collection has been carefully selected to ensure all of their products are chosen with quality in mind, and here, they will certainly provide the bespoke shopping experience to match. Their collection offers a diverse range of brands and products for all occasions, from wellies to silk blouses.

3 Lendal, York YO1 8AQ


The Yorkshire Soap Company

2004 was when the foundations for The Yorkshire Soap Company were laid; owners Marcus and Warren combined their experiences working as a chef (Marcus) and in retail (Warren) and began creating handmade soaps from their kitchen table as presents for friends and family. Together they experimented by mixing and mulling ingredients, and then finally settled on a recipe which they still use to this day! Unable to afford masses of soap moulds, the pair turned to their own cupboards and began using cupcake and muffin tins, which is where the idea for confectionary based soaps was brought to life.

With branches in Hebden Bridge, Halifax, Beverley, Harrogate, Knaresborough, Leeds, and of course York, it’s fair to say the pair have outgrown their kitchen and have now created a brand which is recognised and highly regarded across the country. And the same goes for the stores themselves, the shop-fit in every location is decorated exquisitely to showcase their soaps, bath and body-care products, and a whole host of other delicious-looking goods. 

10 Blake St, York YO1 8QG


Teddy Bear Shop

Stonegate Teddy Bear shop is an emporium for all things teddy bear. Proving to be intriguing from the get-go, Stonegate Teddy Bears is housed in an astonishing building which dates back almost 700 years ago, and if that wasn’t enough to entice your inquisitiveness, then perhaps the 6ft teddy bear guarding the entrance will do the job. Downstairs is a treasure trove for stuffed toys, so charming even avid teddy bear sceptics will no-doubt leave converted. Branded bears include, Steiff, Merrythought bears, Jellycats and many more.

And if you time it right, you can make a whole day out of the teddy bear experience, as upstairs is the charming tea rooms which is also, you guessed it, teddy bear themed. Their very clever menu is filled with homemade dishes, made with local suppliers wherever possible including Appleton’s butchers and the Tea People.

13 Stonegate, York YO1 8AN





York Mansion House 

After undergoing its largest restoration since being originally built in 1732, York Mansion House has unveiled its extensive collections for all to see, encompassing 300 years of civic life. As home to York’s Lord Mayor for 800 years, the wonderfully unique collections in the mansion house have all been added to by each mayor, leaving a little piece of history behind each time. In this history-filled, interactive space, the whole family can enjoy browsing through the collections of furniture, ceramics, glassware, paintings and photographs and an “unparalleled collection” of York gold and silver.

St. Helen’s Square, York YO1 9QL