In a society of supermarket giants and shopping centres built nearly as big as small towns, getting acquainted with your local independents is now more rewarding than ever. Whether you’re day tripping in York or you’ve lived here all your life, getting to know the city’s independent scene can often feel as though you’re being let into a little secret.

We believe independent businesses help to shape communities; from their efforts to give a warm welcome and a unique service to each and every customer, to their resilience in challenging times of trade, we salute all who dare to be independent.

And so, we have created the Independent Neighbourhood series, in the hopes of giving this city’s newcomers and old timers a helping hand in getting a little more familiar with the independent businesses of York which do so much for us in return.

Throughout the series, we’ll show you just how much this humble little city has to offer for every occasion, whether it’s food and drink, shopping and lifestyle, or entertainment and culture, we’ve got you covered.

But to give you a real insight into what makes York’s independent scene what it is, we’ll introduce you to the owners, artists, makers and bakers behind the scenes pursuing their passions and keeping the independent scene alive and thriving.

So, for the next six weeks, we’re pausing our usual content whilst we take you on a trip around York’s Independent Neighbourhoods, introducing you to some of the people and places that make our independent scene as vibrant as it is. 

Be sure to use the Independent Neighbourhoods to discover the streets and hunt down those local treasures like never before. Happy adventuring!