There’s nothing we like more than something that is a little different. You know, something a little bit quirky that catches your eye – a little trinket here or there. And what better place in York is there for such curios than the Shambles Market?

For those who don’t know: Shambles Market is open 7 days a week in the beautiful city centre. The market is home to over 70 stalls, each offering a variety of exceptional fresh produce, unique crafts and essentials. The market in York has been running since the 8th century, but was branded as Shambles Market in 1991.

If you’re a person who loves your oddities, as well as the historic city of York, then this is the piece for you – as we’ve rounded up 3 stalls selling some quirky little pieces.


Yorkshire Stuff


Now then, what better way t’ spend time in York than popping to a stall dedicated all things related to God’s Own County? Yorkshire Stuff was opened by Yorkshire lass Zoe in 2014 after she found there was a lack of love for good old Yorkshire. They sell a load of Yorkshire based gifts such as mugs, tea towels, t-shirts, badges, necklaces, cards, prints… you name it. If you fancy a bitta Yorkshire pride, stop by her stall and get yourself some Yorkshire goods. Ey up!