The resurgence of vinyl has left millennials envying their parent’s record collection, or in most cases, resenting them for throwing their collections away during the 90’s; when the vinyl buzz really hit the floor. The influx of new audio formats like the tape in the early 60’s, and the shift from analog to digital, introducing CD’s in the 70’s really kick-started the downfall of vinyl. 

But now, after physical formats of music have become near enough obsolete, vinyl collections have made the ultimate comeback, acting as a trendy talking piece in millennial’s front rooms and a nostalgic treasure trove for those whose childhood memories are lined with an analog soundtrack of the likes of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and The Rolling Stones. 

The ongoing demand for vinyl means independent record shops are stronger than ever. Whether it’s the latest hits you’re after, or perhaps it’s the thrill of the chase for those original pressings, you’ll be sure to find youngsters and their parents out to browse vinyl-selling indies and spending their afternoons flicking through countless cases of vinyl. Just like the good old days, eh? 

York’s record shop scene is not dissimilar to its music scene; it’s somewhat discreet, and you’ll often find yourself stumbling upon something special when, but also where you least expect it. Hidden in unsuspecting buildings, or tucked seamlessly into cafes, and vintage clothing shops, York’s record shops stay true to this humble city’s charm.

On what is known as York’s most beautiful street, you’ll find FortyFive vinyl café, a prime example of York’s distinctive charm. A successful combination of café and record shop, they also regularly play host to live acoustic sessions, all within the same space! Here, you’ll find a plethora of records which have been meticulously assorted into your favourite genres.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector on the hunt for lost rarities, or a member of the new vinyl generation looking for newer hits, FortyFive guarantees a little something for everyone. With an ethos proclaiming vinyls are for life and not just for Christmas, FortyFive also offer vinyl cleaning equipment such as velvet brushes, cleaning cloths and liquid to ensure your vinyls are really here to stay.

For those on a mission to find lost rarities, and have lost faith on the constant hit and miss of record stores, it’s often hard to steer clear from the likes of EBay. But the record shops here in York don’t seem to be running things half-heartedly; with staff sharing the same passion for vinyl themselves, this proves to be one of the most significant factors in the success of a record shop. Two York independents in particular are proving this to be true.

Joining Goodramgate’s independent clan is Earworm Records run by friends Paul and Rich. There aren’t many places that will allow you to try before you buy; but here you’re welcomed to spin your record of choice on one of the turntables at the back, so you can make sure the crackle is just right.

Earworm is a no-fuss record shop which has become one of this city’s favourites. Here, you can flick through vinyls to your heart’s content, and if you just want to double check if what you’re holding is in fact an original pressing of Sgt. Pepper (we can all dream) then fear not. Help is on hand from owners Paul and Rich who have a concrete knowledge of their stock, and are more than happy to help.

Just outside of the walls on Tadcaster Road, you’ll find Vinyl Eddie. York is known for its admired tourist attractions, and for the hard-core vinyl lovers, Vinyl Eddie seems to be among them. Run by father and son, John and you guessed it, Eddie, this dependable record store boasts an extensive stock of over 13,000 rare collectable LP’s which many people travel far and wide to have a rummage through. John and Eddie are known for their own passion for vinyl, and will do a great job at helping you find that one lost rarity you’re been desperately searching for.