Despite the cancellation of the 2021 Tour de Yorkshire, this is a year for cycling to continue its rise in popularity. After hosting the 2014 Tour de France sparked a widespread interest in the sport, the county propelled it further with the following year’s inaugural event, and cyclists new and old accelerated towards Yorkshire’s favourite new pastime. 

For entirely different reasons, people have been getting on their bikes more than ever in the last year, as lockdowns and restrictions have caused roads to empty and encouraged cyclists to take to them for outdoor exercise. Now we move into warmer weather, there’s every incentive to keep that up, and whether a casual beginner or an experienced rider, York has some great bike shops to wheel you on your way. 

ReCycle York

York’s number one bike shop is as clever as its name, as this small independent has made a big impact in the city. During the last year they offered free repairs to NHS staff and gave out free bikes to health workers, an important deed which matches their positive ethos. In normal times they collect and recycle thousands of bikes in a drive to reduce waste, and even without these admirable actions ReCycle are a great choice for locals and students to buy, build or repair your bike expertly and affordably. 

Cycle Works

A stylish store which prides itself on great knowledge and expertise, Cycle Works is the place to go for the cycling enthusiasts. Over four decades of dedication have created and refined a stock that is of high quality and wide range. From road and mountain bikes to clothing and helmets, plus a well kitted out workshop, Cycle Works have got all the gear and every idea. 

Cycle Heaven

Cycle Heaven is the largest cycle store in North Yorkshire. As well as their vast flagship in Fulford, they have two more sites, at York station and on Bishopthorpe Road. But there are no diminishing returns with size and growth here, with every inch having purpose and personality. The station specialises in commuter and traveller friendly stuff such as folding bikes, Bishy Road is a friendly repair workshop, and Fulford has an expanse of excellent stock for all ages and levels of cyclist. Heaven indeed. 

The Electric Transport Shop

This specialist shop on Walmgate does exactly what it promises, specialising in e-bikes in every way. Since 2005 they’ve been offering e-bikes for all occasions and people, from high speed to long distance, short to tall, comfortable to compact. And that experience makes The Electric Transport Shop the place to go for e-customisations and e-repairs too. E-xcellent. 

Image: Cycle Works