Yorkshire is full of so many incredible independent businesses and people, yet some of us are still unfamiliar with who they are and what they do. Some have been residents for years while others are fairly new and became a part of the Yorkshire community when we were all locked away in 2021/21. So it’s time to get to know some of the people in the YO district and everything you need to know about their business. Introducing Hare & Wilde…

Hare and Wilde opened in 2016 in Malton and is a relaxed and inspired shopping experience set up by Laura and her husband. They have thoughtfully curated a collection of simple natural products for your homes from handmade rugs, house plants, ceramics and many more useful but beautiful products. They wanted to create a space that people can go and enjoy and find products that are a bit different to larger highstreet stores.

They try to bring affordable high quality home goods with the added experience of being able to visit a bricks and mortar store, and their ethos is that things can be both beautiful and useful. They source products that are handmade and made in the UK where they can, brands and craftspeople that have a story and a history behind the brand.

Laura had been running a Vintage clothing store for nine years and was ready for a change and became a bit tired of city life. They had been spending all their spare time renovating houses and found that locally there was nowhere to go for quality home goods and found that they would always end up looking online. Then they spotted their lovely shop to let on a day out in Malton and saw it as an opportunity to work towards their plan to move out of the city, and set about sourcing products and planning the shop renovations. After a year of trading as Hare & Wilde she sold her vintage clothing store to concentrate on the business together full time.

If you’re looking for some of their bestsellers, they stock Isla Middleton’s work, her Lino prints and calendars are really special, she is definitely one of their favourite makers, she captures nature really beautifully and is definitely one of their best sellers.

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