We’re at that point in the year where everyone seems to be itching for a change of pace. After all: there’s only so long you can slog away at work before needing some sort of getaway to combat the stir-craziness. The thing with us English folk, however, is that we have an annoying habit of only ever sticking with what we know. And so, when faced with that yearly choice of destination, most of us will probably fall victim to the same old all-inclusive resort somewhere in Europe – never daring to venture any further out and discover what the rest of the world has to offer. 

But life is far too short to be doing that. So this year, why not think outside the box?

That’s where Heritage Collection Travel comes in. They’re a totally independent travel company operating out of York, and they specialise in the cultural delights that can be found in the further-flung regions of the world. Because you can hop over to Spain any time you want, but how often would you get the chance to explore, say, the beautiful coasts of Vietnam? What about the awe-inspiring savannas of Kenya?

Places like these are bucket-list opportunities just waiting to be ticked off, and with Heritage Collection Travel on your side, you can ensure that these once-in-a-lifetime experiences are as smooth, luxurious, and affordable as possible. They’ve got dedicated experts on hand to secure you the best getaways at the best prices, taking all the stress and worry out of holiday planning. They even operate a concierge service, ready to recommend local attractions and book you dinner reservations at a moment’s notice. All you’d need to do is sit back and soak up the scenery, which is exactly what a holiday should be about, right? No faff, no struggle. Just a grand old time.

Heritage Collection Travel always have their finger to the pulse when it comes to travel, and that expertise comes in particularly useful for those honeymoon holidays. Because let’s be honest: it’s hard enough organising a wedding on its own, never mind sorting the honeymoon too. But for any couples who popped into their shop, the sky would be the limit. Authentic Vietnamese cabins or tranquil Thai paradise islands? Heritage Collection Travel know a dozen of them. Or maybe city breaks are more your pace? They’ve got hotels in Singapore and chateaus in Ottawa that’ll have you feeling like royalty the whole time. 

With their plethora of connections, years of experience and dedication to total end-to-end service, there’s no doubt that for anyone still searching for a last minute getaway, Heritage Collection Travel are the people to talk to. So don’t wait around! Get yourself down to their business on Goodramgate and see exactly how far their specialist travel agents can take you across the world. 


Images- @heritagecollectiontravel