Thursday 1st September marks the start of National Organic Month – a 30 day awareness campaign that aims to highlight the benefits of organic food and help people to learn more about how it is produced. With a climate emergency unfolding, many of us are becoming increasingly aware of some of the damaging effects of conventional farming, like the loss of biodiversity caused by pesticides.

There has never been a better time to start buying organic or to think about other ways to help the planet, such as by reducing your carbon footprint. Whether you’re shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables, or want to switch your cleaning or bodycare products to planet-friendly alternatives, there are many great organic shops in York to assist you in your eco quest. Below are some of our favourite shops to visit during National Organic Month in York.


The Bishy Weigh, Bishopthorpe Road

Located in one of York’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, this welcoming refill store opened its doors in 2018 and has grown to become a much-loved asset to the city’s eco-conscious community. A zero-waste treasure trove, you’ll find a wide range of plastic-free cleaning products and toiletries here, as well as store cupboard essentials, like baking ingredients and herbs and spices. Much of The Bishy Weigh’s stock is sold loose and you can bring your own containers from home to refill or pick up new ones in the shop. Alongside all of your household requisites, you can also buy treats such as tempting cakes from White Rose Bakes, Choc Affair bars and children’s books and craft materials. You can shop online to collect in store, or customers who live in York can have their order delivered to their door by an emissions-free courier.

Fruitique, Bishopthorpe Road

Also situated on Bishy Road, Fruitique is the place to come for locally grown, organic fruit and vegetables with a very reasonable price tag. You’ll find English asparagus, tomatoes, strawberries and lettuce here, as well as carrots, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and Jersey Royal potatoes. The shop shares its premises with Debbie’s flowers, so you can pick out a beautiful bunch to brighten up your home while stocking up on veg. Almost everything sold here is plastic free and you can select the exact quantities that you want, helping to reduce waste. Berries are packed in wooden punnets and you can even bring along your own bottles to fill with fresh orange juice, which is squeezed on demand. The shop offers a home delivery service and those living in York can place an order by phone or email to be delivered straight to their door. 

Alligator Wholefoods, Fishergate

Selling organic food in York with a focus on fresh fruit and vegetables, this family-run shop has the feel of a traditional high street greengrocer. You’ll find a large variety of locally-grown or made produce here, including Flaxton Orchard apple juice, Acorn Dairies milk, creamy biodynamic yoghurt from Botton Village Creamery and sourdough from the Bluebird Bakery. Alligator has been offering refills since it first opened its doors in 1972 and their hair and body care products can be purchased in quantities of your choosing. The shop is also cruelty-free – everything sold here is vegetarian and nothing has been tested on animals.

Tullivers, Colliergate

Founded in 1983, Tullivers originally sold herbs and wholefoods but has since expanded its offering to include a wide range of nutritional supplements and ‘free from’ products for those with special dietary needs. This family-run shop now sells over 200 different herbs and spices, as well as bread, free range eggs, tofu and dried fruit and nuts. You’ll also find organic body care products here and herbal, green, Ayurvedic and fruit teas. Tullivers prides itself on selling ‘those things that you can never seem to find’ and has a special ordering service. If what you’re searching for isn’t already on their shelves you only need to ask. Their knowledgeable staff are able to offer advice on issues such as digestive disorders, stress, joint problems, insomnia, the menopause and more. The shop is also doing its bit for the planet by using electricity from green suppliers and its staff all travel to work by bike or public transport.

Brunswick Organic Nursery, Appleton Road

A plant and gift shop with a difference, Brunswick organic nursery is run by a registered charity that helps people with learning difficulties to find rewarding employment by providing them with engaging work opportunities within their local community. A range of shrubs, climbers, bedding and alpine plants are grown here and these can be purchased on site, along with seasonal and organic fruit and vegetables. The nursery is also home to a craft workshop selling handmade gift cards, woven goods, bird boxes and much more. Many items are made by the people who work here, but those that aren’t are often organic, locally sourced or fair trade. Brunswick is the place to come for all of your gardening supplies and the shop sells everything you’ll need to get growing – from seeds and compost to tools and organic fertilisers. By shopping here, you’re supporting a good cause as all profits are put back into the charity.

The Giftery & The Shop of Small Changes, Burton Stone Lane

Two shops in one building, The Giftery & The Shop of Small Changes sells a fantastic selection of gifts and zero-waste lifestyle products. The shop is owned by couple Gadg and Mel, who wanted to help people to reduce their plastic use. The Giftery is full of unique and thoughtful gifts, many of which have been lovingly handcrafted by local makers. These include soap, candles, jewellery, bowls and pots, sweet treats and more. In The Shop of Small Changes, you can pick up refills of cleaning and body care essentials, along with sustainable alternatives to items like scourers, food wrap and toothbrushes. The shop also hosts regular events like ‘Fill it for free Saturdays’ and wreath making workshops at Christmas.


Images: Millies, The Bishy Weigh, The Giftery & The Shop of Small Changes, Fruitique